FTDX10 ranks third on Sherwood Engineering

FTDX10 ranks third on Sherwood Engineering
The new Yaesu FTDX10 ranks third on Sherwood Engineering’s list of receiver test data, only surpassed by the premium FTDX101 and Flex 6700. It has amazing performance in a compact package, at a very reasonable price!

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Yaesu FTDX10 HF/50MHz SDR Transceiver

WSJT-X Yaesu FTDX10 Setup Guide

WSJT-X Yaesu FTDX10 Setup


These work for my setup which uses only a USB cable to connect the rig to the Mac

FTDX10 Setup
In the Function menus:
  • Radio Setting > Mode SSB > SSB Mod Source = MIC
  • Radio Setting > Mode SSB > Rear Select = USB
  • Radio Setting > Mode SSB > RPORT Gain = 50
  • Radio Setting > Mode SSB > RPTT Select = DTR
  • Radio Setting > Mode PSK/Data > Data Shift (SSB) = 1500 Hz
  • Radio Setting > Mode PSK/Data > Data Out Level = 50
  • Radio Setting > Mode PSK/Data > Data Mod Source = Rear
  • Radio Setting > Mode PSK/Data > Rear Select = USB
  • Radio Setting > Mode PSK/Data > RPORT Gain = 50
  • Radio Setting > Mode PSK/Data > RPTT Select = DTR
  • CW Setting > Mode CW>PC Keying = OFF 
  • Operation Setting > General > CAT RATE = 38400 (should work with other speeds but make sure it matches the WSJT-X program settings)
  • Operation Setting > General > CAT RTS = On
  • WIDTH Setting (knob) = 3000 KHz
  • Roofing Filter = 3 KHz
  • Adjust RF POWER as desired

WSJT-X on Mac Big Sur FTDX10 Guide

I'm curious of anyone has been able to implement total CAT control for WSJT-X on Mac Big Sur and would be willing to share their settings. I've got the Silicon Labs driver installed and can connect the Mac to the radio and get the green CAT indication. I can receive no problem but cannot key the radio on transmit. I've used all the FTDX10 presets for FT8 and matched the CAT rate in WSJT-X. Audio Midi on the Mac is set to the maximum for output. If I set the rig to none in WSJT-X and use my trusty Signal-link, I can transmit and receive no problem. I've ferrited every cable attached to the radio so i don't believe its an RFI issue. 

I've googled this topic and can't seem to find anything definitive on this issue. 

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!       www.FTDX10.com

Order A FTDX10 - Giga Parts and HRO

I called Giga Parts and HRO today on placing an order for the FTDX10 but did not go ahead cause they wanted the full price of the radio down as the deposit not the customary $50 or $100 down. I would like to by this radio but I don't want my Credit card billed until they ship this radio, I would also place more deposit moneys down but it seems like the big retailers are getting like Flex and Elecraft were the want at least half the money down or paid in full if you want to be low on there list when the actual purchase date could be months or a year away. I asked how many orders they have now and there reply was not so many, maybe two or three.

Acom 1000 & FTDX10

 Acom 1000 & FTDX10

I was looking at the back of the Acom1000 now and saw that it ONLY uses the PTT/KEY to send it to TX.

From what I can see it has no CAT or ALC, only PTT.

So you don't need anything, just a cable connecting the PTT of the radio to the ftdx10 PIN TX GND + GND  then to the TUNER connector.

The FT991 TUN/LIN use the pin 2-3 (2-TXGND 3-GND) same as TUNER on FTdx10

Yaesu FT-DX10 HF Transceiver - Is it Right for You?

Yaesu FT-DX10 HF Transceiver - Is it Right for You?

We take a look at one of the most recent HF transceivers to come onto the ham radio market. Could this be the new FT-101E that was one of the best sellers of the 1960s? Peter Waters G3OJV, takes a look and reports on his three weeks of using this radio.