FTDX10 / CW / Mac -- recommendations for best encoding SW

FTDX10 / CW / Mac -- recommendations for best encoding SW

What program do folks recommend for Sending/Receiving CW on their FTDX10s for the Mac platform?

I'm working on FLdigi, but having trouble figuring out all the settings to make it work.

Anyone have experience with this setup?


FTDX10 voice recording for playback

FTDX10 voice recording for playback 

I have an ftdx10 and use a heil PRO 7 (and heil adapter) for most of my ssb. Not too long ago, I tried to set one of the voice recordings up to be used in a contest environment.
I was following the listed steps in the ftdx10 manual.  It kept failing. I scratched my head long and hard, decided that I should try the exact same steps utilizing the factory mic and the radio internal speaker.

That was successful.  

My question is, has anyone else had that experience?  I am trying to determine if the Heil items have an fault/compatibility issue or if the FTDX10 does?


FT-DX10 to LDG Tuner Cable Schematic

FT-DX10 to LDG Tuner Cable Schematic

I try to implement this solution, but in may case , transceiver enter in a brutal shutdown... I checked again the wire connection and is exactly haw was posted. I try with LDG 1000 Pro.
Maybe i miss something... can you post more details? (maybe some settings in FTDx-10 )


FTDX10 Setup Fldigi config

Can anyone please provide me with a config setup 4 "fldigi" that works with FTdx10 in CWmode? I'm not able to get the app to read CW and have full CAT control at the same time. 

FTDX10 SWR Problem

 FTDX10 SWR Problem - LDG AT-600Pro Cushcraft R6000 vertical antenna

Here is my station set up FTDX10 LDG AT-600Proll and a Cushcraft R6000 vertical.antenna. On all bands, but 20 my SWR is bellow 3.1:1. But on 20 m across the whole band it is a 5.1:1 but even at 5.1:1 the tuner will tune it down to a flat SWR which to me makes no sense. Tuner will not handle anything over 3.1:1 so I'm confused, and he suggestions would be appreciated. I double checked all dimensions


FTDX10 Setup of N1MM+, under configuration, AUDIO

 FTDX10 Setup of N1MM+, under configuration, AUDIO

On the Ftdx, do you use USB REAR as the setting?

Winlink FlDigi session, on the FTDX10

Winlink/FlDigi session, on the FTDX10

This should get you started.  Be sure to download latest versions of vara hf and vara fm as well as winlink..

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YAESU FTDx10 with N1mm / mmtty

I have seen every video ( only youtube I can find is for the ft-710, but it should be the same?) and have read everything I can find  When I go  to tx, all I get is a solid tone. Does anyone have any screen shot of their working settings? I don’t have an other ideas. Please help guys. This is for rtty.


FTDX-10 in AM mode

FTDX-10 in AM mode

I have an unexplained phenomena taking place on my FTDX-10 in AM mode. 
I was listening to the AM BCB for some background noise in the shack, when  I noticed that the AGC would suddenly take "hits" with the "S" meter climbing to about 20-over, and then settle back ground.  Of course, the desired signal was almost muted during that time.   It was similar to qrn from lightning, except the duration was much longer.  

   Has anyone else noticed similar issues ?   I do believe that it has happened while tuned to the ham bands as well in SSB.  Note that other radios using the same antenna (not at the same time) do not exhibit the same issue.


FTDX10 arrives Tuesday. I need separate RX and TX antenna connections

 My FTDX10 arrives Tuesday. I need separate RX and TX antenna connections.

Has anyone added a connection for an RX antenna?  If there's room on the back panel, I was thinking of two 1/4" holes for SMA connectors, passing the antenna relay's-RX-terminal to the rear panel, and the RX input also to the back panel. A coax jumper between the two would complete the path like a stock FTDX10, but with the jumper removed one connector can go to an RX antenna.

Don't mine being the Lone Ranger, but would be interested to hear if anyone else another approach or experience?


Aether logger for Mac OS with the FTDX10

 Aether logger for Mac OS with the FTDX10

Does anyone know how to set up the Aether logger for Mac OS with the FTDX10?  That rig is not listed in the Aether settings and it does not connect when I select “Other” under Yaesu radios.


FTDX10 ranks third on Sherwood Engineering

FTDX10 ranks third on Sherwood Engineering
The new Yaesu FTDX10 ranks third on Sherwood Engineering’s list of receiver test data, only surpassed by the premium FTDX101 and Flex 6700. It has amazing performance in a compact package, at a very reasonable price!

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Yaesu FTDX10 HF/50MHz SDR Transceiver