WSJT-X on Mac Big Sur FTDX10 Guide

I'm curious of anyone has been able to implement total CAT control for WSJT-X on Mac Big Sur and would be willing to share their settings. I've got the Silicon Labs driver installed and can connect the Mac to the radio and get the green CAT indication. I can receive no problem but cannot key the radio on transmit. I've used all the FTDX10 presets for FT8 and matched the CAT rate in WSJT-X. Audio Midi on the Mac is set to the maximum for output. If I set the rig to none in WSJT-X and use my trusty Signal-link, I can transmit and receive no problem. I've ferrited every cable attached to the radio so i don't believe its an RFI issue. 

I've googled this topic and can't seem to find anything definitive on this issue. 

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


This is probably not a coding problem, but rather a physical problem. Check to be sure that you have the correct soundcard selected in WSJT-X settings, for both Rx and Tx. If you have the Yaesu drivers installed properly, they should both be USB Audio Codec. Check that the level of the Tx audio (speaker) is high enough to drive the radio. Set audio level so the ALC meter is right about in the middle of its range.

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