Acom 1000 & FTDX10

 Acom 1000 & FTDX10

I was looking at the back of the Acom1000 now and saw that it ONLY uses the PTT/KEY to send it to TX.

From what I can see it has no CAT or ALC, only PTT.

So you don't need anything, just a cable connecting the PTT of the radio to the ftdx10 PIN TX GND + GND  then to the TUNER connector.

The FT991 TUN/LIN use the pin 2-3 (2-TXGND 3-GND) same as TUNER on FTdx10

Beware that the DIN sockets on the ftdx10 and the ft991 are the same.

ft991: pin 2-3 on TUN/LIN DIN

ftdx10: pin 2-3 on TUNER DIN

You can easily see it on the 2 manuals.

The same is TUN/LIN from FT991 and TUNER in FTdx10
I hadn't looked good...

DIN TUN/LIN on FT991 = DIN TUNER in FTdx10... sorry for my mistake!

THEN: Same PINs and same socket. 

You will be able to use your current FT991 cable

As you can see, at least from the manual, the DIN socket is exactly the same  ...
I had confused with the LINEAR connector.

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